Auckland Journey: Mission Bay

New Zealand have always been known for it’s beautiful scenic view and no doubt, this is very true. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen movies related to surfers and how some scenes showed the small town of the place together with sandy beaches and people surfing and having time at the beach & doesn’t that make you want to just imagine yourself there? Well, at Mission Bay, it gives the complete feeling. It is a suburb away from town and it functions well as an entire township with housing areas, restaurants and convenience store. It is not those typical tourist spots where beaches area only have resorts. Here, in Mission Bay, I get to see local New Zealanders spending their morning brunch in a cafe and at the same time I see tourists around. At Mission Bay, they have a number of good beachside restaurants and they do not taste like typical resort hotel food. These are good food, so you do not have to worry about having to pay high price for food not up to the standard.

Mission Bay is situated along the road of Tamaki Drive. Buses to Mission Bay are available & for my case, I took the bus that goes to Otahuhu. Historically, Mission Bay was a place used to host the Kohimarama Conference that involves Maori (New Zealand natives) regarding Maori King movement.

The drive to the Mission Bay suburb is breathtaking as you get to see the entire Auckland CBD. For my journey and since I do not have a car, I took the bus from Quay Street opposite Tapora Street since I stayed near that area which costs NZD 3.40.


Mission Bay



The view of Rangitoto from Mission Bay



Suburb at Mission Bay



Suburb lifestyle



Suburb lifestyle







Clear blue skies with the best shades of clear blue sea

Photos in my blog are of my own productions taken using a Nikon DSLR D60 or iPhone 4S

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